Stormy weather? Call the experts.

We’re an expert, licensed and insured roofing and siding contractor of exterior home maintenance and storm damage repairs.

As a locally owned Twin Cities firm, you can rely on us to be here after the weather clears, and for years down the road.

Minnesota has more than its share of weather extremes.

From subzero temps and ice storms in winter to tornadoes, wind, rain and hailstorms in summer, we see it all.

Homes can sustain significant weather-related damage. Rely on Highmark for priority service and expert repair when weather events take a toll on your home, including damage from:

  • hail
  • ice dams
  • high winds
  • excessive rain
  • downed trees

Highmark is a licensed and insured contractor of all types of exterior repairs from roofing and siding to windows and gutters. Our professionally trained and certified installation teams have decades of experience and thousands of jobs under their belts to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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Storms can take a toll on your home

Initial inspections showed hail damage to this home's exterior.

A roof's hail damage was apparent after a spring storm.