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Hail damaged roofWhether it was an overload of storm-chasing contractors or the busy back-to-school timeframe, many homeowners put off repairing damages from last August’s mega-storm. Whatever the reason, if your home took a hit from wind, rain or hail last summer or fall, now is the time to call and get on our schedule.  

We’ll be happy to come out, take a look, and provide a free estimate. Call 952-641-6086 today.

By Karen

A roof is one of the most important elements of a home, protecting it from the elements and helping to keep you and your family comfortable through extremes of heat and cold. So what separates a top-notch roof from a questionable one?

Highmark Exteriors quality roofing on residential homeHigh quality materials  

There are many options for beautiful roofs, from traditional cedar shakes and asphalt shingles to slate, tile and metal. Always choose the best quality you can afford. But a roof is more than just what you can see. The right insulation, decking, underlayment and flashing are also essential to a properly functioning roof.

Proper installation  

A roof is only as good as the crew that installs it. For example, are valleys, vents and chimneys properly flashed? Highmark crews adhere to best practices and are skilled in the architectural complexities of upper-bracket homes as well as more standardized roofing projects.

A careful crew  

Stray roofing nails and damaged shrubbery shouldn’t be part of any roofing project. Highmark takes great care to contain and remove all debris. We also make sure to protect gutters, siding and foundation plantings below the roof throughout the project.

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Siding replacement has the highest payback rate of any home improvement in 2014, recouping 78%-87% of its cost, on average. 

Source: Remodeling Magazine, 2014

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Highmark Exteriors installs Certainteed roof shinglesThe new Patriot shingle by CertainTeed® is an asphalt shingle that offers a rich aesthetic appeal with high performance capabilities at an exceptional price point. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, ask to see a sample of this great new product. 

Highmark is a CertainTeed ShingleMaster Installer.

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Josh Borovsky, Highmark Exteriors SalesOur newest sales professional has wide-ranging experience, but no matter what he’s doing, happy clients are his goal. When he’s not on the job, Josh enjoys spending time with his kids and working on his own YouTube channel (

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After 26 years on Lake Minnetonka’s Phelps Bay, Steve and Pam Anderson decided their home was more than ready for an exterior remodel. Not only was the 1980’s Tudor-style façade looking dated and worse for wear, but water damage from leaky windows was starting to threaten the underlayment.

Designing the new exterior for the 11,000-sq. ft. home was an exciting challenge. “Steve and Pam wanted something completely different from what they had,” said Highmark Project Manager Caleb Hard“Our design utilized lap siding and shakes along with architectural details to achieve a rustic yet contemporary look that plays up the home’s interesting angles.”

The facelift began with the removal of the original stucco and planks. After repairing damaged areas, Highmark installed LP SmartSide® lap siding, cedar shakes and trim to achieve the look of a lake cottage and complement adjacent stonework. Highmark also created the home’s striking trim details that give the home it’s true character. The keystones above each window were individually hand-carved.  

Architectural wood details include the radius design seen on the street side of the home (above) and brackets below the soffits all around the home, lending a warm, lodge feel. A framed sunburst medallion wall provides a unique focal point

An engineered wood product, SmartSide is known for rugged performance as well as durable good looks. It’s also a green product that uses small, fast-growing trees from sustainably managed programs, in tandem with safe, low-emitting resins. Given its many qualities, SmartSide is a great value for Minnesota homes that take a beating from the weather.

Both Steve and Pam love their home’s new look, and appreciated Highmark’s attention to detail and communicative style. “We’re very pleased–it doesn’t look like the same house,” says Steve. “And Caleb was right on top of everything. He always returned calls himself, as soon as possible; as a business owner, I know how important that kind of customer service is.”

Like the look? Call us at 952-641-6086 today for a free estimate for your home.

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Every year, ice dams—a build-up of ice over the eaves of a roof—are a familiar sight in from December through March, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A little prevention now can help homeowners avoid big problems later.

The cold, hard facts about ice dams

You’d think ice dams would be caused by a too-cold attic, but in fact, it’s just the opposite. Your attic is a buffer zone between your toasty warm house and the freezing temps outside. Snow on the roof over a cold attic stays snowy. But when an attic is too warm, it causes any snow on the roof to melt, which then runs down to the cooler area over the eaves, and refreezes.

Once an ice dam has formed, it will continue to trap melted snow above. Eventually, the ice begins to push up under shingles, where it leaks into the attic or walls.

Prevention tips

Get a free pre-season attic inspection. Call Highmark for an inspection of your attic and roof. We can assess the potential for ice dams and properly insulate attic spaces to minimize risk. To schedule an inspection, call 952-641-6086.

Plan to remove snow. This is not a do-it-yourself suggestion—snowy roofs are slippery and dangerous. Contract with Highmark to shovel snow from your roof to prevent build-up. For details, call 952-641-6086.

By Karen

The severe storms that swept through the south metro on August 6 weren’t your garden variety thunderstorms. In fact, they wreaked havoc on gardens, not to mention trees, cars, and homes, dropping golf-ball and larger-size hail from Chanhassen and Edina eastward to Bloomington and Eagan.

Over 40,000 customers lost power, according to Xcel Energy. The storm also brought high winds, driving hailstones sideways and damaging siding and windows as well as roofs.

If your home sustained damage, major or minor, give us a call. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and provide an estimate for repairs at no charge. In most cases, homeowners’ insurance will cover the costs (minus your deductible).

By Karen

When winter rolls around, warm and toasty beats cold and drafty. Poorly insulated windows and doors can also cause significant heat loss and higher energy bills. Here are a few tips for detecting and stopping drafts at their source.

  • Not sure if your windows are drafty? Hold a lit candle close to the window seams (remove curtains or shades first); if it wavers or bends, you have a draft.
  • Check caulking on the outside of your home, which dries out and loosens with time and the summer sun. Re-caulk as needed.
  • Use weather-stripping around window and door seams, or shrink-wrap windows with the film insulation kits available at hardware stores.
  • If your windows are older or poorly insulated behind the adjoining walls, consider replacing them. Replacement windows can pay for themselves in 5 to 10 years in many cases and increase your enjoyment and the value of your home immediately.
By Karen

We can also provide you with estimates for standardized replacement windows or new custom windows. We are proud to work with Marvin Windows, a Minnesota company and established leader in creating beautiful windows employing the latest technology and craftsmanship.